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Histoire illustrée du canton de Potton

The People who made Potton

The people who made Potton

This last panel is dedicated to the people who made Potton what it is today, from the early pioneers to today's movers and shakers. There may well be a bias in our selection, be it because we have poor records or we could not illustrate a particular person.

The early pioneers

We already met some of the Mansons and a descendant of Hendrick Ruiter as well as the Borights and Olivers and a representative of the Jones'.  Below we meet Daniel Jones (1784-1874) ancestor to all Jones in Potton and from Vale Perkins David Perkins, who discovered Indian Rock.

Daniel Jones

David Perkins at the helm of Bill Jones' 35 foot cruiser Water Witch

Pictures of George and Laura Jewett and from Knowlton Landing we have the Tuck Family and John Tuck, custom broker, innkeeper,and ferry operator.

George & Laura Jewett | Fred, Bertha & Mildred

Famille John Tuck

 From later times Alfred Marcoux with his wife and their son Robert and of course Dr. Gillanders.

Alfred Marcoux Family

Dr. Henry Edwin Gillanders | 1892-1965

From later times the Laplumes and the Giroux.

The Korman family came from Germany in 1925, and contributed significantly to the economic development of the Township with the establishment ofMansonville Plastics and notably Owl's Head Development Inc, the well-known Golf and Ski Resort.

Adrien & Simone Laplume

Fred & Lillian Korman



Three generations of Giroux