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Four years ago, Jean-Louis Bertrand, Secretary of the Potton Heritage Association, researched and catalogued all the place names of Potton. Le Répertoire toponymique, published by the Association in 2009, was a broad and meticulous undertaking.

Without the framework provided by Jean-Louis’ initial work, never would I have embarked on the fascinating journey of discovery about the place where I was born and still call “home”.  As I travelled through history, the project of translating the Répertoire took on a life of its own.  Jean-Louis generously gave me license to wander and supplement his work with whatever historical detail I judged pertinent.  Seldom does such an opportunity arrive.

I have now come to the end of the journey, not because all possible research has been examined but simply because at some point, every voyage must end.  What you will read herein is a translation supplemented by historical information and anecdotes gathered from neighbours and friends, as well as from reference books that are now well thumbed and amongst my most treasured possessions!  The result is an expanded glossary of the place names in Potton.

I have noted many pictorial references to various texts, perhaps to give you a better “feel” for people and place.  These photographs were published in Potton d’antan, Yesterdays of Potton, no longer in print, but which may be viewed online at  Check our website as well for the names and history of any new roads formalized by the Municipal Council.  Several will be adopted shortly.  Eventually, Potton Heritage will update its printed version of Potton Place Names and Répertoire toponymique de Potton.

My deep appreciation goes to Jean-Louis Bertrand who did the preliminary spadework for the historical garden of Potton into which I could plant “flowers”, so to speak.  My efforts have been a labour of love and a source of great personal satisfaction.  I hope you will enjoy learning more about Potton as well.

We are privileged to share another version of the Répertoire with you.  Both of us tried to be as accurate as possible in our information; however, there will be errors, albeit unintentional, for which we now apologize.

Sandra Jewett
January 2013